Suspended from Twitter

I got suspended from Twitter 10 days ago. And there seems no way to get back.

Note //

Apparently it is okay to threaten another country with a nuclear war but you get suspended for saying it is okay to punch Fascists.

But the real trouble begins if you try do something about it. There is a short notice that you have to verify your account/mail address, so far so good.

Process fuckup

And guess what? This email never gets send. They even have my mobile number, but this also doesn't work. I just receive no emails from this screen. I can change my password, I get notifications that I logged in from a new device (because of course I tried to uninstall and install, shut down and turn on etc.). But this very screen does exactly nothing. I tried to send some forms ("cannot login" and "help with suspended accounts"), but the former just produces automated bullshit mails, the latter seems to land in their trash right away.

My former colleague @tcaspers got suspended for the same tweet. He also received a mail which just didn't do anything after clicking the link. A day after he got the same mail again and was able to delete the tweet in question right away. Putting this forced deletion process aside (I don't care about deleting a tweet no one is seeing anyway since it is weeks old), it is pretty interesting to see how a big company like Twitter can fail with such common use cases. I expect that I turned all notifications off some years ago and this may be the reason I cannot get this activation or deletion link. My mail server is open without any filtering, which leads to 250 Bullshit mails per day. But the one bullshit I want to receive just doesn't get delivered.

Consistency at Twitter

Just received an interesting screenshot. WTF Twitter?

Dear @Twitter, would you be so kind to send me my activation/unsuspending/deletion/whatever mail?


Thank you.