DIY Paw Patrol Lookout / Zentrale

Instead of buying a 130€ plastic crap I decided to build a Paw Patrol Lookout myself.

Note //


My daughters and especially my 4yo son love Paw Patrol. For his birthday he wished a Paw Patrol Lookout ("Zentrale") so much. But we resisted to buy a 130€ offical Merchandise piece of plastic crap and decided to build it our own. While there are several examples of DIY Paw Patrol Lookouts they rather didn't match the original from the series. Which is quite hard anyway since it's a cartoon. The offical toy is turnable and of course has a slide with which the dogs reach their vehicles. In the ground floor their vehicles are parked on parking slots corresponding to their vehicles' colors.

I went to the art supplies store and bought some polystyrene plates, acryl sticks as well as a polystyrene globe for the roof. I sliced some circles and glued them with colored paper. Also I cut some beams out of the polystyrene to hold the roof. For the slide I went to the DIY market and bought a meter of extra wide colored garde hose and cut it in half. For the base tower I used a packing case which colored white and glued a printed logo on it. Oh, and I attached an axle bearing to the screw with which I attached the tower to the base. It is easily turnable so the dogs can slide into their vehicles. As a special gimmick I used the acryl stick to attach the monitor where Ryder explains the mission objectives to the dogs.

After finalizing this morning at around 2:30am, the kids started playing with it right away when waking up :-)