A dive into the world of speedruns

Fascinating topic: Using bugs to improve speed in games.

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Videogames and new disciplines

Do you know that feeling when you realize that there are a lot of people having fun with stuff you never thought it even existed? I just stumbled upon a video showing how gamers try to perform a perfect run in Zelda. Since I haven't been a real gamer my whole life I've never played that game. But to see how people actually compete against each other in performing the perfect run is awesome. They broadcast/record their runs and man, they know to celebrate if they found another loophole or bug they can use. This video is from 2017 but since the whole topic was new for me it doesn't matter. So if you've never heard of the barrier skip, watch this. This is incredible. And it only takes 10 minutes to watch.

Pixel Perfection, 21 Frame Rule, and please don't press left+right

Another hilarious video shows how the perfect run in Super Mario Bros may be achieved. Not only that, it scientifically calculates how exactly that World Record would look like by a combination of all known tricks: 4:54.282. But it is also explained why this is unlikely to happen. Except someone finds another not yet known trick.

The level of perfection to use those tricks, the motivation of the players to push the boundaries of such an old game even further and finally the quality of those videos that examine the topic really made my day. Totally worth investing 30 minutes!

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