Hello? Anybody out there?

Wow, it's been a while since I posted something in my blog. Only six years after my last post I decided to relaunch the whole thing. After several evening sessions today is the day to say: "Fuck it ship it".

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It was again the great Beyond Tellerrand Conference which flipped a switch for me. The talks where all great, again. But there where some talks in special which let me rethink/redesign my blog. First of all the talk of Tantek Çelik about the Indieweb. While well aware of my motivation to go indie with my blog, the technology of the last version of this blog was quite a barrier for doing so easily. Also David Carson with his – let's say unconventional – way of thinking and designing or designing and not thinking got me. Last but not least Stephen Hay who well described how we shoudn't care a fuck what others do. At least that was what stuck.


First of all I wanted to get Webmentions working. I installed a copy of my loved CMS Processwire. Then I installed the webmention plugin and... I don't know how all this works but it seem to function. Somehow. But then I thought I can finish this stuff at a place which is meant to do so, the Homebrew Website Club. Since there are also some folks gathering around every few weeks in my hometown Karlsruhe this is perfect.


yeah. My ideas went in a totally different direction. But sometimes ideas don't work. So the result is completely different but now I dare to ship that shit. I see my blog as a playground for technologies I want to try. And not for browsers I don't want to test. So if something breaks somewhere, drop me a not/reply and perhaps I will fix it. Or not. I have to get used to that way of thinking but otherwise this blog will stay like it was in 2010.

Some characteristics

For the homepage I wanted to use a 100% width, no matter what screen it is displayed on. For that I use a lot of flexible font sizes and dimensions. It should work my new 5120 x 1420 resolution screen. And yes, it does.


Another gimmick I wanted to have: Every visitor gets another color scheme. Yes. Every visitor. Even if this blog would receive a lot of traffic. Chances to see the very same design are 1:130636800000. The color scheme consists of 5 colors, adjusted to not look too similar. Additionally there are 28 different background textures to date which means 360 * 60 * 60 * 60 * 60 * 28 possibilities for the look of this site.


Very important for me was the possibility to quickly add notes about things I learned, TV shows, movies, code snippets, replies to other articles etc. While this section isn't crowded yet, I hope to get my pace of publishing up from every six years to at least one note a... whatever but not a decade.


  • RSS all the things
  • Get rid of Google fonts, too lazy for now
  • Check performance, nothing done until now
  • Get all that indieweb stuff functional (how does brid.gy work etc.)
  • About Me Page
  • Data Privacy shit (no cookies, no storage, blabla)
  • ...


All new design. The best blog I've ever built. $999 for the stand.